Guttera Tours

Arrive as a client - Depart as a friend
Be guided by people whose love for the land has led them to dedicate their lives to making South Africa’s majesty accessible to others and who have many years of experience in unveiling this beautiful country’s secrets for overseas visitors. As proud citizens of South Africa we invite you to come, to explore and to discover the wonders of our world for yourself.
Guttera Tours was founded and remains the love of a man who was born in the farming community and developed a passion for tourism. Marius Botha’s dream is to make his unique and diverse country accessible to people from around the world. He established Guttera Tours in 1996 as one of the country’s first agricultural tour operators and it remains a leader in the industry with full international accreditation by various institutions. Both his wife and daughter (Elsie Senior and Elsie Junior) share his passion for South Africa and assist him in giving clients an unforgettable experience.

We are a proud member of the Agricultural Tour Operators International (ATOI), an association of professional tour operators specialising in agriculture tourism.  ATOI members, coupled with their knowledge and understanding of the agriculture industry, are in a unique position to design and develop tour products that are tailor-made to clients’ specific interests. These may include small-scale family farms, large-scale commercial farms/ranches and specific commodity interests such as crops or livestock, dairy, forestry, fruit, vegetables and horticulture, along with conferences and events in the agribusiness sector.  

Since our inception in 1996 we’ve had the privilege of meeting hundreds of wonderful people from across the globe who came to South Africa to see our beautiful country and experience the warm hospitality of our people. Thanks to all our friends for enriching our lives with your stories and memories. We will always cherish the moments filled with laughter, companionship and wonder that made each tour an unique African adventure.

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